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10 Tips To Creating An Memorable Wedding Reception

The most memorable wedding reception is seldom the most expensive, the most elaborate, or the most time consuming, but more likely involves the most forethought and planning. Our experts have a talent for finding what matters most and including with that the most significant memory making event for each couple.

  1. Plan an Eventful Wedding – oh the excitement of a wedding that recognizes grandparents, parents, and other life long relationships! What about planning your amazing great day on the anniversary of a grandparent? Invite the Grandparents to stand at the head table with the Bride and Groom, and celebrate their day with era themed music and dances.
  2. Combine a Holiday Celebration – Christmas will never be the same again, and nobody will ever forget your anniversary when you combine your day with a Holiday. And the decor? It’s all a flutter of the holiday, combined with wedding bells, lace, and white satin. What could be better? Can you define the holiday without your wedding party?
  3. Set a Theme to Celebrate – Seasonal or an era, themes can be a fun way to add memorable content and even a time-stamp to a wedding. Perhaps, the era of the Bride and Groom’s birth?
  4. Black Tie & Masquerade – pull all your plans together for a masquerade ball, and present the most mysterious with a fun prize for their costume. One of my favorite blends this formal event with ‘famous couples’ and combines the winning musical selections with a magical theme of great music.
  5. Casual Afternoon Tea – a quartet of stringed instruments performing as the sun dips low in the western skies might be a better choice for the most casual, yet memorable event. Entice the rain with some rainmaker tunes.
  6. Breakfast with Strollers – when the coffee is hot, the air offers a chill of early morning, and the musicians are strolling through the audience, what could be more memorable at your wedding reception than musicians playing the early hours?
  7. Big Band Era Music and Dancers – wedding attendance can be even more fun when everyone dances, but if your attendees aren’t dancers, perhaps dancers on the stage can give them a few tips and ideas. Inspiring a line dance, or group dance might be a good option, if you want more action among guests, but any big band era music dances can be fun for multiple age groups.
  8. Cover Band Entertainment – current tunes, selected for the many hours of memories stirred with words, music, and hours of together time, making life better before, during, and after the wedding. A selection of popular tune might inspire dancing feet.
  9. Specialty Show Stoppers – showcase a favorite singer, the look-a-like tribute artist sends out memory making show tunes from talented featured singers.
  10. Memory Making Moments – whether your music is relevant or classic, the tunes you showcase at your wedding will be the most remembered music of your life. I still know every single word to ‘The Rose’ and ‘Ever Green’ even 35 years after the fact

8 Reasons to Book a Resort for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. It can drain you financially and emotionally if there is no help at hand. Every couple’s dream is to make their wedding as unique as possible so that their guests will remember the event for years to come. To plan a dream wedding, one has to invest a lot of time and energy into it. A simple way to make sure you get an unforgettable experience is by organising your wedding in a resort. We list out 8 reasons why a resort might be the ideal place for your celebration.

Suitable rooms

Venues with guest accommodations have some major advantages. And it doesn’t matter whether your wedding is a one day affair or a three-day event or whether the guests are going to stay there for a night or for an extended respite. You can cut down on the transportation cost since the event is happening at the very place you and your guests are staying. You will also get a lot of time to relax and enjoy. Since the resort staff will be at your beck and call you can be sure that your guests are cared for throughout their stay.

All under one roof

When you host your wedding at a resort, all the vendors will be in one place and they will be coordinated by the resort staff. The catering, linens, tables and chairs, and bar service will be taken care of and you will be stress free. You don’t have to worry before, during and after the big day. Since the vendors and the entire bridal party are stationed at one place, there will be no room for errors.

Pre-wedding pampering

If you want a little bit of pre-wedding pampering, you can do it at the resort. You and your guests can go for spa services; you can enjoy beauty treatments until it’s time to get dressed for the big event. After the wedding you can even book a couples message and unwind.

Rain plan

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, the weather won’t always be accommodating. However, resorts will have multiple venues on the premises. So in case if the rain plays spoilsport, they will have a back-up plan and you don’t have to worry about it.

A certain level of excellence guaranteed

When you book a resort you get access to their experienced staff. They are trained to handle all kinds of big events. They will welcome your guests and provide them delicious food and outstanding service. In short, when you organise your wedding in a resort you are assured of a certain level of excellence.

Pre and post wedding activities

You can really impress your guests by organising pre and post wedding activities. This will also give them a chance to mix and mingle and have a good time. You can plan some indoor and outdoor activities. The morning after, consider a relaxing dip in the pool or a game of golf or badminton.

Thrilling add-ons

Resorts often offer exciting extras like organising the rehearsal dinner in a cruise. Check with the resort if they can add something exciting to your package for additional charges.

A unique location for each event

A wedding involves not just the ceremony and reception. You will have small events like the rehearsal dinner, and brunch after the wedding. In a resort you get to host each event at a separate venue. You can have a waterfront ceremony, a tented reception, and finally the post-wedding brunch at a restaurant. Look what all options are available before you book a resort.

Planning For That Special Day!

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of what my wedding day would look like if I were to ever get married. The princess ball gown, the tiers and tiers of wedding cake, the table decorations, the ideal venue, the guests, the wedding car and so much more. These days there are so many things to consider when planning your special day, and they need to be within your budget.


Imagine yourself as a vision of white walking down the aisle, about to embark on the next chapter of your life. Everyone’s eyes are on you and how beautiful you look but what style of dress are you wearing? Is it a fitted number covered in white lace? How about a princess dress with beading and embellishment? Well whatever you choose you have to make sure you feel comfortable in it as well as looking good. There’s no point having a dress that can make to look tiny at the waist if you can’t enjoy the food and dancing later in the day. Make sure you take your time to look around before making any final decisions. Remember the dress is one of the most memorable items that will be in all the wedding photos, so you want to make sure you choose wisely.


Traditionally the venue used to be one of the easiest decisions to make during wedding planning, due to the variety of religions. However more and more couples are getting married outside of the church boundaries, and in recent years there has been a sudden surge of weddings happening abroad. Again there is a lot to consider with the venue for example will the wedding and the reception be in the same place? If not then how far will it be to travel between the two? Travelling can be a real issue when it comes to weddings and it can deter guests from attending especially if they are elderly or really young.


Traditional wedding cakes are made up of a fruit cake mixture and can be anything from 2 tiers upwards. However given that about 75% of the population hate fruit cake (at least they do in my social groups), wedding cakes have been given a more modern twist. Some couples have had different tiers of different cakes for example a vanilla sponge base, a chocolate fudge centre tier and a red velvet top tier. Others have thought more out of the box and have had wedding cakes made from tiers of different cheese, this is personally one of my favourite options!


Dependent on your taste there are so many to choose from, some more unique than others, and when I say unique I mean really unique! In the last few years people have arrived in minis, camper vans (which are surprisingly quite popular), a London bus, an Army tank and so many more the list is endless.

However with your wedding day being one of the most memorable days of your life it’s important that your ride is something that best describes your personality. You don’t want to make any decisions by “jumping on the bandwagon” (excuse the pun), because when you look back you don’t want any regrets. Personally I would opt for something more classic like a Rolls Royce and would make sure I use a Wedding Car Hire service to also acquire a chauffeur as well, to add a sense of class, after all if it’s my special day, surely I deserve it right?

Seven Wedding Rings Trends for 2017

Fashion-forward brides know that there’s more to wedding rings than a simple gold band. While this is the traditional look, others brides may opt for a piece that fits their personal aesthetic. Since this is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it makes sense to choose something the wearer adores. Here are a few of the most exciting new trends for this meaningful piece of jewelry for 2017 and beyond.

1. Rose Gold
This romantic metal has been a runway staple for a few years now. These wedding rings recently gained traction when Lauren Conrad chose this option. Rose gold is a welcome alternative to the standard silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm hue is flattering on most skin tones. Couples can use it alone or mix it with other metals for a popular two-tone effect.

2. Pave Diamonds
Brides and grooms alike can add sparkle to an otherwise dull band with pave diamonds, tiny stones set close together and covering either the surface of the band or just specific areas as an accent. While white diamonds are a perennial favorite, other colors and stones are becoming popular as well.

3. Stackable Bands
These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other along with the engagement ring. Some couples opt to purchase several stackable bands at once, while others add to their collection to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary or the birth of a child.

4. Five-Stone Setting
Although eternity bands were once the hottest trend for newly married couples, they can also be expensive. Five-stone versions are a simpler, elegant alternative that features five stones centered on a plain band. Perfect for brides with a more refined aesthetic. Those who still prefer an eternity band may want to look at shared-prong settings, which increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place.

5. Vintage-Inspired Styles
Some retro-style brides may opt for actual vintage pieces. Others may choose modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements from classic styles of years past. To get this look, shop for delicate detailing like minimal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicate raised edges.

6. Spacing Between Bands
Tradition once dictated that space between the engagement ring and wedding band was to be avoided at all costs. Some brides would even weld their sets together. These days, space is sought after, with fashionable ladies looking to replicate the look popularized by Mariah Carey. Avoid a matched set when looking for an eclectic style to turns heads.

7. Unusual Materials
Shiny gold, silver, and platinum metals have long been the law of the land when it comes to wedding rings, but these days there are more materials than ever from which to choose. Think wood, stone, and even bone, along with traditional metals with the unusual twist of a matte or textured finish. These are especially popular when it comes to the groom’s ring.

Exclusive Ideas for Winter Wedding Decorations

If someone asks me to choose a wedding season, Winter is the most romantic and cuddling season for the weddings, now it’s coming. It’s a most approaching season for the beautiful fairy tale wedding decorations. It’s the time for celebrating festivals, holidays and planning a wedding would undoubtedly be a great idea. The evergreen accents, pine-cones, cranberries, cozy knitting with red and white color pallets will add exclusive features to the wedding decorations. From the decorations of the pine-cones to the aisle ceremony everything spreads a cozy feeling in the venue.

We can use different accessories and items to decor the venue according to a winter wedding theme:

Wood and wooden frames
Wood & Wooden frames can be used as sign boards, wedding cards, the guest book stands, to show the guest list, as centerpieces in reception, to hold the candles and cakes etc. These things are associated with barn and rustic theme weddings.

Evergreen accents and pine-cones
Pine-cones can be decorated as centerpieces with the candle jars, evergreens can also be used in the aisle ceremony, wedding receptions, wedding cards, in decorating guest chairs etc.

Red & white pallets and bells
In a winter wedding, red and white pallets signify the divine opulence of festive season. Bells and ribbons can be used as centerpieces and in decorating chairs and tables. These accessories are essential for a Christmas wedding theme.

Christmas theme in winters
Add white and red color apparels in decorating the venue, white snow, and red flowers can be added to decorate the wedding aisle. The berry fruits can be used to give an extra ordinary touch to your reception table and menu bar.

Candles and jars
Candles will add the cozy and romantic touch to your wedding. Candle and jars can be used for lighting purpose as well as the beautiful centerpieces.

Decor the barn venue with vaulted ceiling, are the romantic choices. The simple design and wintry vibe give an extraordinary divine grace to the wedding.

Let your baker know about the wintry theme, inspire him to bake a snowy and wintry theme cake to captivate attraction of your guests.

A tree lined the aisle with a lot of gleaming candles and snow falling theme will provide a whimsical and charming look to the wedding.

Winter fiber, pine cones, cotton balls and evergreen accents are used in making winter wedding bouquets.

Try to intricate metal tree centerpieces with crystal garlands, white flowers, candles to style up your wedding.

Whitish furry and glittery table cloths with the gleam of candles enhance the beauty of the venue.

Try to add evergreen accents and pine needle sprigs to your seating and chairs. These creative cards are simply made for fun.

Try different snowy and wintry ideas and style up your winter wedding decorations exclusively.

True Foundation of Marriage

Marriage is Like a Precious Gem

A lot of people are confused about marriage these days. In the eyes of many, the institution of marriage has become irrelevant, an archaic relic of a simpler and more naïve time. They question whether marriage is still a good idea, particularly in today’s more “liberated” and “enlightened culture. Concepts such as honor, trust, faithfulness and commitment seem old-fashioned and out of touch with modern society. Many people change partners as easily as they change shoes (and almost as frequently!).

This confusion over marriage should not surprise us, considering the bewildering barrage of worldly attitudes and philosophies that hits us at every turn. Every day books, magazines, movies and television soap operas, sitcoms, and prime-time dramas bombard us with images of wives cheating on their husbands and husbands cheating on their wives. Unmarried men and women hop into bed with each other at the drop of a hat, and just as quickly hop out again to find their next partner.

People today shop for relationships the way they shop for clothes. They “try something on for size” and if it does not fit they simply try something else. When they find something that suits them they wear it for a while until it fades or goes out of style. Then they throw it out or hang it up in the back of their closet and rush out to replace it.

We live in a disposable, “cast off and throw away” society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Our’s is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute. Truth exists only in the eye of the beholder and morality is the whim of the moment. In such an environment, is it any wonder that people ask, “Doesn’t anything last anymore? Isn’t there something I can depend on?”

One major symptom of a sick society is when we attach to our human relationships the same attitude of impersonal transience that we display toward the inanimate and disposable items that we use in everyday life. Marriage is the deepest and most intimate of all human relationships, yet even it is under assault. Is marriage still viable in modern society? Does it still make sense in our transitory world? Is marriage still a good idea?


How then should we define marriage? If marriage is not primarily for sex or procreation, then what is it? As always, we can find the answer in the Bible. God’s Word is truly amazing; nothing we read there is there by accident. The basic Greek word for marry or marriage is gameo, which derives from the same root as our English word gem. That root word literally means to fuse together. Fusion of different elements into one describes the process by which precious gems are formed deep in the earth. That process is also an apt description of marriage.

Precious gems such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are formed far underground out of ordinary elements that are subjected to great heat and massive pressure over an extended period of time. Heat, pressure, and time working together can transform even the most common material into something extraordinary. Take coal for example. Coal is formed when partially decomposed wood or other plant matter is combined with moisture in an airless environment under intense heat and pressure. This process does not happen overnight, but requires centuries.

Marriage as God designed it is like a precious gem. First of all, it develops over time. Diamonds don’t form in ten years; they require millennia. It takes only a few minutes to get married, but building a marriage requires a lifetime. That’s one reason why God established marriage as a permanent, lifelong relationship. There must be sufficient time for two people with separate and distinct backgrounds and personalities to become fused together as one flesh.

Secondly, Godly marriage becomes stronger under pressure. A diamond is the hardest substance on earth. Millions of tons of pressure over thousands of years fuse and transform carbonized matter into a crystal that can withstand any onslaught. A diamond can be cut only under certain conditions and using specially designed tools. In a similar way, external pressures temper and strengthen a Godly marriage, driving a husband and wife closer together. Just as pressure purifies a diamond, so the everyday problems and challenges of life purify a Godly marriage. A husband and wife face the pressure together. The harder things get, the stronger their union grows. Marriage fuses two different people into one so that under pressure they become so hard and fast that nothing can break them.

Godly marriages and worldly marriages respond differently to pressure. In the world, when the going gets tough, partners split up. Like those two pieces of wood glued together, they are bonded but not fused. The heat and pressure of life break them apart. That same heat and pressure fuse a Godly couple together so that their marriage grows ever stronger, until they become inseparable and unbreakable.

Marriage is never just the coming together of two people, but a collision of their histories. It is a clash of cultures, experiences, memories, and habits. Marriage is the beautiful accommodation of another lifetime.

Building a strong marriage takes time, patience, and hard work. One of the hardest adjustments anyone faces is moving from single life to married life. Let’s be honest: People do not change overnight. When you marry someone, you marry more than just a person; you marry an entire family, a complete history of experiences. That’s why it is often so hard at first to understand this person who is now sharing your house and your bed. Both of you bring into your marriage 20 or 30 years of life experiences that color how you see and respond to the world. Most of the time you quickly discover that you see many things quite differently from each other. Difference of viewpoint is one of the biggest sources of stress and conflict in young marriages. Adjusting to these differences is critical to marital survival. Unfortunately, many marriages fail on precisely this point.

Over time and under the pressures of daily life, a husband and wife come to understand each other more and more. They begin to think alike, act alike, and even feel alike. They learn to sense each other’s moods and often recognize what is wrong without even asking. Gradually, their personal attitudes and viewpoints shift and move toward each other so that their mentality is no longer yours and mine, but ours. This is when the gem-like quality of marriage shines most brilliantly. Fusion creates oneness.

A godly marriage is like a precious gem in another way as well. Normally, we don’t find gems simply by walking along looking on the surface of the ground as we would search for seashells on the beach. To find gems, we have to dig deep into the earth and chisel through hard rock. In the same way, we will never obtain God’s kind of marriage simply by going along with the crowd, doing what everybody else does. We have to dig deep into the heart of God to discover His principles. Precious gems are rare and so is a genuine marriage. There are no shortcuts, no easy 1-2-3 formulas. We have only God’s Word to instruct us and His Spirit to give us understanding and discernment, but that is all we need.

So what is marriage? Marriage is a God-ordained institution, a lifelong relationship between one man and one woman. Over time and under the heat and pressure of life, two people under the covenant of marriage come together and are lost in each other to the point where it becomes impossible to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. Marriage is a process, a fusion of two distinct and different elements into one, a sparkling jewel of love, faithfulness, and commitment that shines brightly in a world of short-lived fads and impermanence.

Important Things To Maintain A Good Relationship Between A Husband And Wife

After searching for many factors including myriad happy long term couples, I would believe that the quality of being humble is the most important thing to maintain virtuousness between partners.

When one lives in modesty, it makes it possible to truly commit to one another, rather than treat your relationships as an enjoyment. It allows you to stay the course for the relationship, rather than succumb to the indecisive mind, or ego, which consistently collects evidence against your partner. From humility, one can let go of undue concern with trivial issues of everyday things for the benefit of unity and harmony. My husband and I have married couples values. Number one is “Unity and Commitment.” We are committed no matter what. We have both decided that neither of us is going anywhere. However, we have examples of long term couples who are bitter yet will never part. That is why we added “Unity.” We stay the course of marriage and maintain peace and love in the relationship.

If we are humble, we can know that ultimately, our spouse cannot make us angry. They can certainly give us countless opportunities to choose anger, but that decision is ours alone. In humility, we can discuss any topic, even the petty ones, and find a firm decision to do or not to do something since the need to punish our partner is pulled out..

When we go beyond the obstacles, especially from a team spirit, we get the true magic on the other side. Instead of running, the two of you get a deeper sense of intimacy than you may have imagined possible.

Our relationships activate our old stories; ” not enough,” “not supported,” “not lovable,” etc. When we see our “activities” and agree not to inflict each other with it, we can then release and cure successfully that old worn out garbage within the safe harbor of the relationship.

Humility is the quality of being really real about who and what you are-the good and the bad, and presenting yourself honestly. Additionally, it is being ready to do what is right for the marriage over what seems right for the individual in the moment.


Compatibility = Friendship + Empathy + Mutual Need Fulfillment

Friendship: Understanding and caring for each other as friends. For gauging the depth of the friendship between two people: Ask yourself, “Would we want each other in our lives even if there were no sexual attraction between us?”

Empathy – Understanding where the other person is coming from. Their needs, biases, weaknesses and the roots of all these. As long as you genuinely want to and try to understand each other, you’ll find your relationship is attaining new depths.

11 Tips to Help Keep Your Marriage Fresh All the Time

After you have been married for a couple of years and you think that it’s no longer working out for the two of you. Here are the 11 tips to follow in order to better/save the situation in your marriage life:

1. Let Your Partner Know that You Appreciate Them

Actually, when coupling partners become familiar with each other, they end up settling into a hamper condition (albeit a comfortable routine). This is very dangerous. Most men who are caught cheating on their wives claim that it’s a result of emotional dissatisfaction and not sex. Men become easily baited by any beautiful glance when feeling not appreciated or connected to their wives. This also happens to women. Let’s keep on reminding our partners that we really appreciate them in order to save and better our married lives.

2. Be Grateful for the Little Things

It’s been so difficult to tell your spouse, “Thank you”, because you keep on thinking that immediately when you two got married, he/she was assigned to be doing what they do in a normal routine. Marriage is all about compassion and helping each other. When you say thank you, you are motivating your partner to be doing what he/she does daily, no matter how small it is.

3. Go on Separate Vacations

Vacations could be the best way to revitalize your marriage. But how should you go about it? It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps you should utilize the implication of this phrase if you need to keep your marriage fresh. Let your spouse go on a different vacation while you take another. This way, you will keep boredom out of your marriage.

4. Work on Your Appearance

Oftentimes, people tend to lose their appearances after having a few kids. Before you met your spouse, would you really go around with stained clothes and bad-smelling teeth? I guess no. Be clean and neat. Be an emulation of how you would want your partner to act. Be a role model to your family.

5. Establish Good Relationships Outside Your Marriage

Your marriage is obviously your primary relationship, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relate with other people. Try to socialize outside of your marriage and make good friends. Going out with friends on weekends, swapping stories, and experiencing new things gives you ample time to experience life fully.

6. Watch Your Words

Mind what you tell your spouse. Converse with him or her on matters pertaining to your relationship and how your relationship can grow stronger in long-term. Leave non-constructive issues behind.

7. Do Not Ignore the Little Things

Don’t allow little things to trouble your marriage. These small things pile up little by little, and within a short time, you end up verbalizing your displeasure in a less than desirable way. To avoid this, stop the little things you do, knowing that you are hurting your partner, and bring them up for discussion before they become emotional problems.

8. Go to a Strip Club

If you have urges of infidelity, rather than acting on those urges, you can go to a strip club and watch the dancers. This allows your mind to wander, and perhaps get some of what you’ve been missing, without actually entertaining the thought of cheating. It can also be the best way to calm down your sexual desires if you feel discontent.

9. Specially Gift on Special Occasions

Did you know that presenting a gift to your spouse could inspire a feeling of love and care? Now you know. When was the last time you gave a gift to your spouse? If you can’t remember, then your marriage could be in serious jeopardy. Consider, for example, what you can give your partner during your anniversary or on any other occasion, and do it.

10.Balance Being a Parent with Being a Partner

Can you be the best parent and still lose your marriage? Of course! You must be wondering how this could be possible. Remember, when you married your spouse you were united in a great life adventure. Did you really think that this would stop the moment you had children? You need to spend quality time with both the kids, and your spouse, without discriminating the other.

11. Be Intimate and Passionate Whether You Are in the Bedroom or Not.

Intimacy comes in many forms. It’s not just all about sex and passion. Being passionate about the life you live with your husband or wife is the sole driver in your marriage. You need to practice good bedroom habits if you are to remain intimate with your spouse. Your spouse can only realize that you are passionate about them if you involve them in most of the activities you do.

Get to and From Your Wedding in Style

All eyes will be on you when you arrive at the wedding location in an amazing vehicle. It is a fun way for you to get the day off to a romantic and thrilling start. You have so many choices when it comes to wedding transport vehicles. Think about what you love the most and find it! Most providers have a great selection so if you look around early, you can have your pick that day.

Pick up and Drop Off

You don’t have to worry about getting around, parking, or anything when you secure wedding transport. They will pick you up at the location of your choice and drop you off at the wedding location. If you desire, they will also be there to take you as a new couple to the reception location. The amount of time you wish to secure the rental is up to you.

If you would like them to take you home after the reception, that can be arranged to. Most providers of wedding transport are very flexible and they want to accommodate all of your needs. You may decide to have them pick up your entire wedding party and take them to the location of the wedding too. Depending on the size of the vehicle, it may be several trips.

If you are in quite a crunch to pay for the wedding transport, you may ask what the cost would be for them to drop you off only and then pick you up at a set time. If the location of the vehicles isn’t too far away, they may do this and not charge you for the several hours in between. It doesn’t hurt to find out what options you may have to get the car you want for the least cost.

Routes and Planning

Most people are a bundle of nerves on their wedding day, and they don’t need anything to get in the way of what they plan to do. With wedding transport in place, they can take care of the routes and other planning for you. If the weather is adverse, they can pick you up earlier to ensure there is plenty of time to get to the wedding location on time.

They are on top of it, and they will find out about any special events that same day. There may be a concert or major sporting event the same day as your wedding. They will be able to offset the travel times to ensure you aren’t stuck in traffic when you should be getting dressed and having your hair done or being there for wedding photos!

They can also account for traffic as they know the routes and what the flow of traffic is like at given times and given days. If there is a slow-moving route due to an accident or other issue, they will know alternates to take in order to get you where you need to be. Allow the wedding transport driver to take care of it all. You can just relax and enjoy the ride!

Read those Terms

Take the time to read all the terms associated with your wedding transport so you don’t have any problems or disappointments the day of your wedding. There can be plenty of variations among providers and how they handle such services. If you need anything special to accommodate you, make sure you ask them about it far in advance.

If you would like to bring along your own playlist for the vehicle, make sure they allow it. You also need to know what types of connections they have to offer the music in a given vehicle. You don’t wat to have a problem incompatibility.

Garden Wedding Receptions

Every bride wants their day to be special and memorable so what better way to do that than having a garden wedding reception. This is a popular way to end your wedding, as it is open to the sky, allowing guest to enjoy natural beauty. You can also have your wedding in the garden. There are many reasons to hold both your wedding and reception in a garden, such as they can accommodate big gatherings, and are less expensive than indoor wedding venues for a reception.

When planning your garden wedding venue there is one thing that you need to take into consideration. You need to ensure there is enough space to accommodate a big group of people, that there is an area where people can dance, room for a band or DJ, room to set up tables if you are having a banquet, and more. Most brides who are planning a garden wedding and reception think that it is going to be a beautiful sunny day but no one can dictate the weather and make it be a sunny day. It could be a wet miserable do so you should rent a tent. Not only will it give you protection if the weather does not cooperate, it will give an ambiance to the wedding reception.

If you are using a tent, make sure that it is placed on even ground at a high level. If the water accumulates after a shower or the area is uneven install a subflooring of vinyl or plywood. Make sure that there are no overhead utility lines. The size tent that you will need depends on how many people will be there at the reception along with allowing space for dancing and seating if these are to be held under cover. You can choose from sturdy frame tents to the traditional pole tents.

Lighting is an important consideration, which adds to the romance of the wedding and reception. You should choose colors that create the mood you are trying to portray, which can include:

• Oranges and reds to energize your guests and create excitement
• Purples and blues will give your wedding reception a relaxing tranquil setting
• Golden and amber tones will give you beautiful pictures that make your guests and décor look beautiful
• Pinks will give your wedding reception comfort and warmth.

The décor for your garden wedding reception should be minimal because nature also adds to your decoration. To complement the natural settings a garden wedding reception provide choose floors. If the flowers are a table center, do not make them so big they take up most of the table. If you want to have big flower arrangements put then in English garden-type urns or on tall pedestals.