Saving Money Where We Can to Retire Early

We actually chose the place we were moving to this time by the cost of things such as taxes. We found a place that had really low taxes for the property and house. It was still zoned as a farm even though there had not been anything grown on the land for many years. We looked at school taxes and even the cost of internet plans and pricing for high speed internet service too. Some people move to an area that has outrageous rates for everything they need to run a house. We chose a bit differently. Our only main criteria was to keep the commute to work reasonable.

We found that moving just outside of the city and beyond the first set of suburban housing could land us some really low housing costs. The actual properties and homes were less expensive, and the tax rate and some services were cheaper too. We got a great deal on bundles internet and TV when we checked out the internet plans and pricing to see what was available in our area. We were moving from a home right at the edge of downtown, and our expenses dropped dramatically at our new home.

I started thinking about this when a friend told me about her son’s cost for rent in a major northeastern city. He was sharing an apartment with three other guys for a total of eight grand per month in rent. I could not even imagine ever paying rent like that. They were all working in the city, and this was considered “affordable” rent for where they were at. Our mortgage on a big house is less than his portion for renting an apartment in a major city. We look for bargains wherever we can. We put money into savings for our retirement so we can retire early. We control our costs for everything from taxes to the mortgage to what we pay for internet, TV and phone.