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A Preview of the MyCAA Online Training Program

Being a partner to somebody in the military can be challenging. You may have studied to pursue a particular career but had to sacrifice your profession because of the regular moves and relocation. You are not able to have any developments in your career or even advance your studies. Many people appreciate this dilemma and have seen the need to give military some education and certificate which could enable them to pursue their professions to military spouses. The United States Department of Defense has formulated a program known as the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account that is abbreviated as the MyCAA plan. This program is made in such a manner that it provides aid, education and financial assistance in finding jobs for the spouses of those people who are active in the military as well as reserve staff that have been called back to active duty. The MyCAA program is one of the best programs that the United States Department of Defense has implemented.

The partners of different staff in the military who are in various pay grades can pursue degree or certification programs and are eligible for as much as $ 4000 in financial help. These are allowed in those pursuing portable careers which have high employment demands to ensure that job opportunities are accessible. Some examples of those portable careers are health, Hospitality management, information technology, financial services, etc. Other courses which people in this program are encouraged to pursue are business administration and education programs. Legally separated couples are not eligible for this kind of help. Spouses who are pursuing active military careers are not also eligible for help under this program. You aren’t qualified for help under this plan should you have a spouse who serves in the Coast Guard.

The financial assistance given to the military spouses can be used to cover the tuition fees in the training and instruction programs. This cash may also be used to cover the licensing and qualification fees along with other materials necessary to complete the class along with the cost of books. However, this money should not be utilized to pay for expenses such as computer fees, application fees, and child care expenses. The program is offered online, and one can get it through the net after they enroll. There are numerous schools and institutes that have the approval to offer the program. You can make arrangements in order for them to be enrolled in case the school you want to pursue this program isn’t on the list. However, the enrollment process takes about three to four months as it is the required time for it. The preceding info will soon be useful for military spouses who have the service listed above.

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