A Brief History of Playgrounds

Building the Safest Playground Playground are one of the best ways for families to enjoy outdoor fun. Playgrounds are fantastic source of outdoor fun, and are generally long lasting pieces of equipment that are worth the cost for the vast amount of fun that they offer. It is so much fun to choose slides and swings for a play space, but safety has to be a major concern for anyone working on a playground structure. To enhance the safety of your playground structure, there are a few simple steps that you can take. Of course, you will initially need to consider the safety of the play structure itself. Two of the most overlooked areas on play equipment are openings and sharp corners. Whatever toys or structures you choose, you need to make sure that the gaps between pieces are not too small, where a child could get stuck, or too large where children could easily fall out. Obviously, sharp corners can be a big hazard, whether it’s for eyes or bruising of the extremities, so it’s important to inspect any playground equipment and make sure that all sharp corners have been rounded down. The next place to tackle is the ground below the playground. Many people now know that packed dirt and concrete are safety risks, and that alternative materials should be used. One of the typical alternatives is rubber mulch, as it offers a softer and more cushioned surface that doesn’t degrade over time. An even better alternative to rubber mulch is rubber pour in place playground surfacing. This surfacing is poured in and is in one solid level of rubber, preventing tripping, and offering the same, or more, cushioning like the rubber mulch. Careless children that are caught up in playing trip and fall often, and this takes care of a lot of possible fall related injuries.
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Finally, make sure that you aren’t skimping on your playground surface just to save costs, at the risk of those that utilize your playground. For safety, make sure the safe surfacing is under all of the structures of your playground. The height of a tall adult is about how far a safe surface should go around the playground. This includes 6 feet off of the fullest extension of the swings, so that even if a child were to jump, the rubber surface would be there to protect them.
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Safe playgrounds are the most fun playgrounds, because parents don’t have to be constantly worried about their children. To give the families who enjoy playground the gift of peace of mind, make sure that the play structure and the ground beneath the playground are as safe as possible.